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and here we are ... a horse!

Courses and Excursions in the Territory Piacentino

Sports enthusiasts Open Air, the Animals, the Living Nature is a good news for all of you!
At 2 steps from the city, on the scenic hills Piacentine, awaits "Loves Horses"!
Go to horse along paths that lead to the discovery of breathtaking views of the beautiful province of Piacenza is among the emotions to which they can not give up.
Now learn this beautiful sport is easier, to everyone, with "Loves Horses", the riding center that the "Corte del Gallo" wanted to create to get close to a discipline that is a lifestyle, a way of life that may open new horizons, which can make known an inner harmony, a psychophysical wellness, a new life!

Recommended to all, but just to All, a day here, the "Loves Horses", in close contact with nature and with these extraordinary animals!
Experts and non-experts, Beginners and Newbies, let yourself advise... then tell me. Treat yourself a day, a weekend, a stay here, among the beauties of a unique area, and find out what can be beautiful and important to draw close to this discipline.

Professional teachers and a staff prepared and patient will be close to this world that you will learn to love!

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